Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Busy day in the city...

The weekend is over and is always too short... Hope you enjoyed these last days of Summer. Time to go back to everyday responsibilities. You're running from one meeting to another, but always with style and smile on your face... Looking professional and classy you can conquer the world!

Grey is a second black this season. This Italian jacket looks perfect paired with leather black pants, to add more character.

Take your time during your busy schedule and relax for a while. Enjoy the moment!

Have a wonderful week.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Let's Rock This Fall

Summer is over, but Fall has so much to offer, especially when it comes to fashion. There are many options for every occasion, whether you're looking for classic or trendy look. Comfort is always a must, so we paired classic leather pants with lightweight, soft knit with leather effect insets at sleeves.  Perfect when you plan a busy day in the big city...

Happy shopping ladies! Visit us at 2109 1/2 Yonge Street for more inspiration and enjoy this Fall!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Don't Compromise Comfort this Fall...

Getting back into routine means it is time to focus on work, family, and of course those tedious everyday errands. We understand the dreadful mornings of waking up from the warmth of your bed and taking on another long day. Lamania Boutique wants you to know that we understand... completely. Regardless of the excuses, you can keep comfort in mind while still looking cute and fashion-forward.

With our European line of clothing, getting up and slipping into something that feels like second skin is possible and you won't have to think twice about if you look good or not (because, trust us, you look fabulous).

With black, white, and gray being fall's greatest colour palette, this plaid button-up with leather detailing from Paris is the perfect top to throw on and hit the road (or the halls). We paired the button-up with skinny jeans from London and the most comfortable black slip-ons to complete the comfortable look. You can get away with wearing this look day to day, on campus and to classes, or on your days off. With a white knit sweater thrown over your shoulders, we have kept your needs in mind and know that the weather can get a bit unpredictable, so not only is this look stylish, but it is convenient too.

The whole look is available at Lamania Boutique! Check us out, you won't be disappointed.

- Eden

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mix and Match Necklaces!

Accessories can always make or break an outfit. With the right jewelry, your look can look complete and more put together in no time!

Necklaces can be mixed and matched to take a simple look, up a notch. Lamania Boutique has styles three different necklaces on three different looks! You can pair something casual with a dazzling accessory and look fabulous and far from "too much". Don't worry, we will show you how.

We paired a CasaComo button up top/jacket with a gold and turquoise necklace to add a touch of colour and to spice up the all black look. Gold and black are classic together and the hint of blue really takes this outfit from bland to fabulous!

By tucking the necklace under the collar, the necklace looks as if it was made for this shirt. 

Don't underestimate a graphic tee. For fall, pulling off a super cute tee with a bold necklace and a blazer can look super chic, young, and stylish! We have added a gold and jewelled necklace to make the t-shirt more dressed up and girly. Comfortable and fashionable all at once.

For a dressier occasion, Lamania Boutique has displayed a CasaComo piece with a gorgeous beaded bib-neckalce! Mixing texture, colours, and hardware with a basic black elegant piece can transform your entire look. With a bold necklace and some flirty heels, your look will stand out from the crowd and show your great sense of style!

All the pieces shown above are available at Lamania Boutique!

Have a great week and an even better weekend!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Fall Essentials: Chunky Knits and Warm Textures

As part of our Fall Essentials series, Lamania Boutique has picked three different fall looks that will keep you looking warm, comfortable, and stylish. With new fall pieces coming in almost every week, Lamania Boutique has your new fall wardrobe covered!

An oatmeal sweater with a pair of floral printed leggings look so cute for an everyday fall day. Runway trends have made it clear that this year is all about oversized knits, and this outfit hits the trend perfectly. You can pair this outfit with either boots, ankle booties, or flats, and it will be equally cute regardless!

Throw on a tassel necklace to finish up the look, which is super trendy for this season!

For when you are feeling a bit more dressier, throw on this white and black quilted tunic with pleather detailing. It is such an adorable piece for fall and will complete any wardrobe. We envision this tunic as either a cute dress with tights (for any of the more petite women out there) or paired with black leggings and riding boots! 

Structured black pants are a must all year 'round and work for days in the office and even out at night. This look can be changed with accessories which can really personalize the look. With a neutral taupe coloured top, paired with structure black pants, and a statement "vintage" looking necklace, this fall look can be transitioned to both day and night, work or play. Both pumps and flats would work perfect for this look. Add pumps to "pump" up your look and flats for a more casual vibe.

The detailing on the back of the shirt adds a unique vibe and makes the shirt one of a kind. We love little bits of originality!

Knits, patterns, leggings, and various neutral shades are big this season and make for a versatile, simple, yet classic wardrobe. Shop with us soon! 

Get fall ready with us! 
We are so excited.