Wednesday, December 23, 2015

How to Rock the Cape Trend on Five Different Occasions

If you don’t already have this staple item, now is the time to invest in one that fits your style. The cape trend varies in all sorts of shapes and materials that are suitable for tons of fashionable looks during any season. It’s a very chic and easy way to say you’ve got that unique and up to date fashion sense that originality appreciates.
At Lamania boutique we offer many different colors, prints and levels of warmth to accommodate your cape search. Our collection of black, grey, navy, camel and red are one size fits all! Here are some helpful tips to creating a unique, fashion savvy look with some more of Lamania’s fashionable findings.
Look one:  The city traveler
This look is for comfort and running errands. Pull on your favorite denim skinny's, knit sweater, broad rim hat, contrasting camel color cape and your favorite fall ankle.

Look two: For the office
This look requires a pencil skirt, and any solid color knit sweater. Swap one of the two items for a print and add a cape that is the color least used in your print.  Style your ensemble by accessorizing your outfit with simple gold accessories. 

Look three: Coffee date
This look is made perfect for a date in one of our queen street cafes. You want to keep things cute and comfortable but still take it up a level at the same time. Keep your hair and makeup as natural as possible.
Pair our Vegan leggings, with a soft, solid colored top, accessorize with a contrasting handbag that compliments your color choice, throw on the camel colored cape to soften the look and pair it with your fave fall booties. 

Look four: Fashion week
Now’s your chance to shamelessly throw on all your creative color combinations. Let’s make something out of that printed dress. If it’s sleeveless, slip under a long-sleeve turtleneck in white or black, and try our black cashmere cape and pin it a variety of ways with a brooch or belt  to appeal to fashion week’s trend-spotting.

Look five: Girls night
T.G.I.F!! That little black dress is meant for the weekends. Pair it with Lamania’s black cape for the complete look. Accessorize it with a statement clutch or chain purse to hold all the important necessities.  

~Lamania Boutique

Thursday, November 26, 2015

For The Bold and Beautiful: How to accessorize for the changing seasons

Accessorizing an outfit this fall/winter should be bold, fun and fearless. You can take an extremely simple piece and turn it into a great ensemble. Some exciting ways to upgrade your looks as the cold weather drags on is to add that pop of color.  Key colors this season, that are excellent accents to your outfits, would be; Oxblood (this is a brown red), Merlot (similar, but more of a purple tone is added to the brown), deep navy, red-orange, turmeric, camel, deep sky blue (darker shade of a pastel blue), a bright stock blue and Ivy (a deep moss-like green). When it comes to the use of color, most people refrain from it, especially in the colder seasons, because they don’t know when to use what colors. The great thing about fashion retailers, is they’ve already set your trending colors for you. If it’s in the stores, you honestly can’t go wrong. However, here is a simple easy trick to mastering your use of  color combinations;

A color wheel. This guide tells you everything you need to know and more. With the simple act of google, you can find out what colors are complementary to one another. For example, Orange. Directly opposite of orange is blue. These two colors are very often seen on the runways and they look incredible together. Another simple trend is to keep your chosen color pallet monochromatic (one color) but play with your levels of light and dark. Here’s a couple accessory trends that you can play a colorful, creative, and a monochromatic twist on. 

Color-blocked handbags
A simple way to master your use of color this season is the art of color blocking. Designers have created their own color collage of these hues and interpreted them to best fit your needs all into one handbag. Co-ordinate your handbag with at least one common color in your chosen pieces to make this look work wonders.

Tod's A/W'15

Thin waist belt
A colorful outfit can always be accessorized with a colorful accessory. Adding a thin tailored belt at your waist is an easy way to make the waist appear thinner and add an extra bit of style and sophistication to your outfits.  Pick a color that is  used the least in your chosen ensemble.

Etro A/W'15

Over-Sized Waist Belt
For an even more exaggerated and unique twist to your outfit, try an over-sized waist belt. Colorful or not, this belt is guaranteed to enhance your look and create that visually appealing narrowed waist.

Pascal Millet A/W'15

Wrap Belt
Wrap it around your waistline, over the last layer and tie it to once to one side. Once again, you have another way to enhance your narrowed waist and give that outfit an extra pop of style by co-coordinating your belt with the color of your boots.

Luisa Beccaria A/W'15

The Brooch

This oldie is still a goodie. Pin whatever your heart desires onto a solid color garment, a knit dress, poncho or wrap cardigan for that personalized touch.This gives you the opportunity to play with your pieces by pinning them in different drapes.

Les Copains A/W'15

By: Eleni Kapetaneas

Lamania Boutique

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How to Transition Your Day to Night Look by Enhancing Your Best Assets

On Monday, November 9th, 2015, Lamania Boutique held a beauty tips event with our very own style expert, Anna Jackowska and Arbonne Cosmetics Beauty expert, Vanessa Juandoo. A perfect way to end a rough start to everyone’s week, the event began with wine and tips to figuring out simple ways to identify our body shapes. With comparisons to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, BeyoncĂ© Knowles, Oprah Winfrey, and Cameron Diaz, the 4 most common identifiable shapes are; pear, apple, straight, and the most desirable by many, the hourglass.

In case you missed out on the event here are some helpful tips;


The pear shaped body type is easily identified by a more rounded bottom ratio than the bust. The hips are wider than the shoulder and bust line, creating a fabulous curve with that defined waist. When finding an outfit for a pear shaped body type, you want to choose necklines that make the appearance of your shoulders seem wider. When it comes to wearing the most complimenting tops, choose brighter prints and colors to draw less attention to your hips. Focus on defining your waistline by belting your garments at the most narrow part of your torso. 

The apple shaped body is easily identified by a more rounded shoulders and torso. The bust and hip line are similar in width. The best way to dress for an apple shaped figure is to create an empire waistline. This line is right under your bust line, it will compliment your lady bumps and draw less attention to your mid-section and accentuate those legs.
The straight shaped body is easily recognized by the similarity in length of the shoulders, bust, waist and hip line. The figure is considered boxy and have a seemingly athletic appearance. The best way to dress for a straight body figure is to accentuate the model like legs and visually enhance the waistline for a more curvaceous and feminine appearance. Belt your garments at the waist, and wear necklines that help widen the appearance of shoulders, to aid in creating the hourglass shape. 
This hourglass body shape is easily identified by the curves. The shoulders and bust are similar in width in comparison to the hip line, all complimented with that narrow waist. Your body is one of the easiest to dress for, just keep showing off all those curves by belting at your waistline, necklines that show off those collarbones, and wearing fitted garments that truly show off all that you’ve worked hard to keep in shape. 

At Lamania, while we were in the midst of a makeover in the dressing room, Vanessa Juandoo, educated us on the importance of a beauty cleansing routine. The do’s and don’ts of your regime for day and night included: Step one: cleanse, Step two: tone and Step three: restore your skins elasticity with the right lotions for day and night.
-          You should be going through your routine morning and night, as tough as it can be sometimes applying an SPF based lotion for day to protect you from the harmful rays and environmental bacteria.
-          Apply an anti-aging or firming night lotion for bedtime to restore that youthful look while you endure your literal, beauty sleep. 

When our volunteer- model stepped out of the dressing room, in a body-con dress, she had everyone in awe. The dress featured the perfect positions of print accentuating her curves, and elongating her length. Her makeup routine featured a slight smoky eye, liquid liner, touch up on mascara, beautiful blush, and berry lipstick. Such a simple, sexy and completely transforming day to night look. 
The evening was full of surprises and prizes!

Come join us for our next style and beauty tips event at Lamania. See more details at It’s a great opportunity to meet local industry professionals, shamelessly ask experts for style or beauty advice and network with women that just love fashion. We’d love to meet you!
Lamania Boutique
Eleni Kapetaneas

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How to Turn Catwalk Trends into an Affordable and Stylish Wardrobe Part 1

Toronto’s fashion industry is becoming as diverse as the population. The more boutiques and second hand stores you can walk into the more unique your wardrobe will be. There’s following trends and then there is wearing the same thing as everyone else. 
Be original and take some risks. When you see something that grabs your attention, grab it. Surely, there’s a way to wear it. The greatest thing about the boutiques and second hand stores are the limited stock and affordable prices. So follow your favourite boutiques on social media and get their latest updates.

Here are some effortless Fall trends to look out for when you’re out hunting next.

50 Shades of Layered Loungewear

Think knits and wool/cashmere blended textiles. The trend is monochromatic and perfect for the minimalist. It honestly requires minimal effort. Shades of grey, neutrals and believe it or not, pastels and whites. These outfits make running errands totally worth getting out of bed on weekends for. Add your layers of a various combination of lengths and lighter tints as the winter approaches. No snow out there yet? Feel free to wear socks and sandals. That rule in fashion died years ago. Match the color of your socks to the color scale of your look to ease yourself into the whole idea.

                       AKRIS A/W15                                                Lamania Boutique

The Robe Coat Evolves

Now, I've made one of these for myself last winter. It was an incredible investment. Solid colours, wide lapels, wool/cashmere, knee length, deep pockets, and a belt to tie it all together. Every designer has added this staple to their A/W collection.  Bulky yes, but you will be the last person complaining about the fluctuating Canadian weather.

Now let’s talk about the affordable way of achieving this look. I announce this seasons sleeveless version. It’s ideal for the fall to winter transition, perfecting your layered looks.


 Masha Ma A/W15

                                                           Lamania Boutique

Try a cropped waist length jacket version of this robe inspired trend. This is a plus for us! Less fabric means less of a beating to our wallets. Pair it with a lengthy pencil skirt or a knit dress, leggings or super sexy knee high boots. Add a unique belt, if you wish to close the jacket, and you’ve got your runway trend mastered.

          Masha Ma A/W15                                                  Lamania Boutique

Enjoy Fall trends for less!

 Eleni Kapetaneas

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Eastside Pop-up Market: The Fashionista!

We're calling all Fashionistas!

August 22 & 23, 2015

1383 Queen Street East



We are almost reaching the last bit of Summer!
But do not fret just yet… 
To spread forth our love for you fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts in Toronto, Lamania is excited to announce that we will be heading out to Queen St E on August 22nd and 23rd to meet you fashionistas. 
Eat, shop, drink, and listen to music, and experience the real Eastside life on Queen!
We promise that you will have a sweet time. As part of a summer series pop-up, The VandenBerg House is hosting various exhibitors dedicated to all things fashion, jewellery, home decors, and accessories with live music and local artisans! Not to mention the mini manicures, wine, massages, and goodie bags. 
Lamania will be presenting one-of-a-kind pieces from the latest summer collection, freshly from Europe. 

This event is free, so bring your friends and family along!  There will be something for all to enjoy. 

More details on:

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Jennifer Yoon Jeon Leen

Monday, June 22, 2015

Dress For Success: Bay Street Suit Challenge

Here at Lamania, we are passionate about all things fashion (obviously!). What we love even more is when we can use our love for fashion to help others. We were lucky enough to have that opportunity at the Dress For Success: Bay Street Suit Challenge, which was held at the beautiful Irish Embassy Pub on Tuesday, June 16th. The evening was dedicated to gathering donations of suits and professional attire for the Dress For Success organization. 

Dress For Success volunteers, Robin Seif, Diana Moore and Liana Shlien.

Dress For Success is a global not-for-profit organization that provides access to work appropriate clothing as well as a network of support to help women achieve their goals in work and in life. "Our goal is to remind these women that they are not alone and to create a space for them where they can feel normal," says Margot Getz, international delegate for Dress For Success. 

Dress For Success International Delegate, Margot Getz and Verbal Communication Specialist, Kathryn Preston.

Guests of the event donated to the organization in the form of purchasing raffle tickets for a chance to win one of several amazing prizes. Our own Lamania Boutique donated a generous prize of a $500 shopping spree, which winner Debbie, was ecstatic to collect. 

Lamania shopping spree winner, Debbie!

The event drew a crowd of employees from companies such as Scotiabank, BMO, McCarthy Tetrault and many more who have spent weeks gathering garments to donate. At then end of the night Scotiabank took home the award for most garments donated. The 2015 suit drive managed to bring in over 1,100 pieces of donated clothing. "I am so pleased to be associated with such an amazing organization. We are so grateful for the opportunity to help and empower women," says 2 year Dress For Success volunteer and vocal communication specialist, Kathryn Preston. "It's all about confidence building."

Scotiabank accepting their award for the most donations.

Lamania is a proud sponsor of Dress For Success and we are thankful to the organization for allowing us to take part in the Bay Street Suit Challenge. Congratulations to shopping spree winner, Debbie! Looking forward to seeing you at the boutique! 

For more information on Dress For Success, or to get involved and make a donation, please visit:

Meghan Wels

Lamania Boutique

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Spring Inspirations...

Although the Spring/Summer season is supposedly here, it hasn’t felt a lot like it throughout the city.

Here at Lamania, we wanted to get you into that Summer spirit with our display this week. 
A bright bold tank and floral patterned skirt paired with a chunky necklace will have people turning
their head back to you.

Fashion trends throughout the years are always transforming, but these Pantone colours for Spring/Summer 2015 will definitely be highlighted in the boutique for the next few months. You can use these colour to support a minimalistic outfit for a pop of colour or use two for a 60’s inspired colour blocking outfit.

As for accessories, Gold-Gold-GOLD! Everywhere! Whether it’s in bracelets, brooches, or shoe hardware, our ladies here can help you accessorize in that field. The  structured blazer can take you from looking average to a classy fashionista. All accessories can be seen in the boutique today, also stick around to scope out our stylish pieces.

We’ll keep you updated on our last inspirations in the next post soon.
Until then, keep it classy ladies! Xo

- Amanda Esposito

Lamania Boutique

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Having the Confidence to Look & Feel Good! Part 2

With a new found confidence comes the attraction of others. Naturally, when we glow with self confidence, it acts like a magnet for the people around us. Your friends will gravitate toward you and your positivity, and of course, the men will too.

Dating and Relationship expert Lesley Edwards joined us at the Boutique on January 19th to give us some insight on what it takes to find our inner confidence and to share it with the world. Her goals are to help any struggling singles and unfulfilled daters attract the partner they've always wanted, whether they thought it was possible or not. The first thing she talked about was being able to pinpoint our sensitive areas and the aspects of ourselves that lower our level of confidence. As we carried the discussion around the room, each lady was able to point out an area of discomfort within themselves that often reflects in their outer confidence. Something that each lady had in common was that their lack of confidence was often brought on by a lack of trust in themselves.

Lesley has created her own definition of confidence that she kindly shared with the ladies at Lamania. "Confidence is the ability to trust yourself and be in control of your power." Many of the ladies could agree that if they were able to put more trust in themselves when they are lacking confidence, their outwardly look of discomfort would vanish. Lesley believes that once we can begin to put trust in ourselves, our confidence will glow and attract others. The first step in being a confident dater is being confident in yourself.

- Meghan Wels
Lamania Boutique

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Having the Confidence to Look & Feel Good!

On Monday January 29th, the ladies of Lamania held a gala at the boutique. We gathered a group of fashion lovers for an evening of wine and discussion about finding confidence in our clothing. Some of the ladies agreed that they often will use their clothing as something to hide behind when they are not feeling overly confident. As fashion lovers, they also agreed that getting dressed should be fun, and not an experience that causes anxiety or discomfort. So it was up to the ladies at Lamania to show them how to mix up their looks so they can feel cozy and confident.

I started out with a simple question, what does your style say about you? Is it screaming confidence, success and happiness, or is it highlighting fear, confusion and discomfort? Everyone you come into contact with throughout your day will judge you within the first 10 seconds of seeing you, regardless of whether you speak or not. This is the main reason why style is so important in you everyday life. A perfect example, as told by Lamania stylist and young designer, Jessica Da Silva, is a woman trying to find success in her career, people you do business with, potential employers, and colleagues will often judge your work ethic based on how they physically see you. If you show up to work hiding behind oversized clothing, chances are people will find it hard to view you as a leader due to your insecure outwardly appearance.

In this situation, it is important to keep a few things in mind. For starters, be sure you are wearing clothing that is the appropriate size for your body. This goes for oversized clothing just as much as clothing that is too small. Just because you have curves doesn't necessarily mean we should automatically be reaching for a double XL. When you are hiding parts of your body that you believe to be flaws, you are also hiding parts of your body that are your greatest assets. Don't be afraid to emphasize the things you love about yourself. If you have great curvy hips and a nice butt, but you don't feel comfortable flaunting your mid section, why not mix some skinny jeans or a pencil skirt with that looser fitting top? Using your clothing to highlight your assets rather than something to hide behind will immediately bring out your inner confidence for everyone to see.

The first step in feeling confident, is looking confident. We can often attach emotions to our clothing that can create such a difference in our level of confidence. For example, if we say to ourselves "I try to stay away from this top because it makes my hips look huge" we are attaching negative emotions to a piece of clothing. Therefore, we probably won't be feeling all that great about ourselves the next time we put it on. It is important to take note of the pieces of clothing that we attach positive emotions to and focus on those pieces and how we can style them to boost our confidence to an all time high.

Sometimes all we need to do to add a little bit of the wow factor to our look is add a bit of colour, glitter, or shine in what we call a statement piece. Jessica was able to give us a glimpse of what a statement piece can do when she transformed her basic black and whites to a head turning look with a bright red cape from Lamania. With Valentines day just around the corner, it's important for us ladies to look and feel our best, whether we're looking to impress a special someone, or we're simply just looking to impress ourselves.

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who joined us at the boutique for this fabulous event.
Stay tuned our blog about the second part of our event where we discuss relationships and dating with professional dating coach Leslie Edwards.

- Meghan Wels
Lamania Boutique

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Model of the Year- Mind & Beauty

Lamania Boutique promotes talented and beautiful models across Canada. Every year we'll choose  the special fashion personality that we had a pleasure to work with. Our choice of the year 2014 is Nikolina Granic.

As she rings in the new year, Lamania’s Model Of The Year, Nikolina Granic, has an amazing 2015 to look forward to. All of her wildest dreams and aspirations seem to be coming alive in front of her eyes as she prepares for one of the biggest moves of her modelling career, and life. The long legged beauty will be on her way to Milan in early January to focus on her career and her studies. Much more than just a pretty face, Granic is a whiz at math and is a business mastermind. When she’s not strutting down the runway she’s working hard in school working on her Bachelor Of Commerce, specializing in marketing management, economics, and of course, fashion.

At only 20 years old, being a jack-of-all-trades purposes many life choices for Granic as she begins to build a career for herself. “I’m good at math and marketing, but I also have a love for blogging. I could even see myself potentially being a designer,” says Granic of her many interests and talents. It is obvious that Granic works hard to be successful. Her inspiration for hard work and dedication to what she loves comes from one of her biggest inspirations, Naomi Campbell. “I admire her for her strength and personality. She is the 21st century power woman,” says Granic.

As she prepares for Milan, her modeling goals and aspirations are at the forefront of her mind. “I want to pursue runway, that’s why we’re going to Italy,” says Granic. “I’m excited to open up some networking and build my book.” A big push to go international came from her beloved agent and jewelry designer, Mario Velocci. “He really focuses on the models and their goals rather than his own. He’s helped me explore different sectors of modeling,” she says of Velocci.  According to her agent, she’s got just the look and the spunk that Italy is looking for. “Toronto was a great place to get a start in modeling, but the fashion industry here is lacking. Im excited to explore what Milan has to offer.”

An obvious touchy subject in modeling is always the stuff that goes on behind the scenes in regards to body image and intense industry standards, but Granic seems to have it all figured out. As a intelligent business student, Granic has got a great head on her shoulders and is not afraid of being pushed around by the industry. “As a model and business student, I am my own product and my own brand. I’m driven by my passion for modeling and not by the negative standards of the industry. No one should ever put themselves in harms way for something they’re passionate about.” Her hope for the future of the industry is that models are seen with more positivity and not so much criticism.

As far as 2015 fashion trends, Granic is already looking forward to seeing what looks hit the runway. “I want to see a take on contemporary minimalism, but to an extreme. More leathers, pastels and grunge.” One of her favourite eras for fashion being the 80’s, she wants to see the looks take it one step further with the bold prints and chunky heels. Looking back on 2015, Granic says she was most impressed by Alexander Wang. “I love the sport looks. Who says you can't be athletic and stylish?”

Looking ahead to the future of her career, we may see the runway queen takeover Europe. “In one year from now I see myself in London or Paris. Maybe even Asia! Those are the three main markets I see my face trending in. No matter what, I’ll definitely be travelling,” says Granic. One thing is for sure, she will be sure to shine wherever she goes.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2014 Model of The Year, Nikolina Granic!

Happy New Year and best wishes Nikolina!

Meghan Wels
Photographer: Natasha Reddy
Lamania Boutique