Thursday, February 19, 2015

Having the Confidence to Look & Feel Good! Part 2

With a new found confidence comes the attraction of others. Naturally, when we glow with self confidence, it acts like a magnet for the people around us. Your friends will gravitate toward you and your positivity, and of course, the men will too.

Dating and Relationship expert Lesley Edwards joined us at the Boutique on January 19th to give us some insight on what it takes to find our inner confidence and to share it with the world. Her goals are to help any struggling singles and unfulfilled daters attract the partner they've always wanted, whether they thought it was possible or not. The first thing she talked about was being able to pinpoint our sensitive areas and the aspects of ourselves that lower our level of confidence. As we carried the discussion around the room, each lady was able to point out an area of discomfort within themselves that often reflects in their outer confidence. Something that each lady had in common was that their lack of confidence was often brought on by a lack of trust in themselves.

Lesley has created her own definition of confidence that she kindly shared with the ladies at Lamania. "Confidence is the ability to trust yourself and be in control of your power." Many of the ladies could agree that if they were able to put more trust in themselves when they are lacking confidence, their outwardly look of discomfort would vanish. Lesley believes that once we can begin to put trust in ourselves, our confidence will glow and attract others. The first step in being a confident dater is being confident in yourself.

- Meghan Wels
Lamania Boutique