Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Let's Get Sophisticated!

What could be more chic than a bold paisley pattern in our favourite shades of black and white?
That's a trick question!

Lamania Boutique has all the right pieces for a feminine and fun outfit, while keeping all our sophisticated girls in mind. Black and white are always safe and acceptable at the office or even a night out at that fancy restaurant you've been eyeing. With the soft effect of a chiffon blouse paired with structured pants, the look is balanced between girly and professional. 

Adding pumps or flats can transform the look. We chose to add pumps to top off the look with ultra-sophistication. 

From head to toe, all available at Lamania Boutique! The bag is by Ted Baker.

With the unsteady weather, the chiffon blouse covers you up while still being light and breathable. 
Lamania Boutique believes in comfort and style, always. And this outfit resembles just that. 

We hope your week is as fabulous as you are! 
Stay sophisticated ladies.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

CasaComo Collection: From a Shirt to a Blazer

We are reaching out to all the non-dress girls today.

Thanks to CasaComo's designs, you can take a gorgeous and quite dramatic shirt and change it with one zip.

Using fabric like a pro, this zip-up jacket, part of the CasaComo collection, looks elegant for any occasion. Lamania Boutique styled this piece in three different ways to show just how easy this piece is to wear. 

No matter what mood you are in, this is a flawless option for the upcoming month (yes, Fall!). Grab a pair of leather pants, leggings, or dark-washed jeans and rock this zip-up however you like!

Look 1:

This half zipped look gives a peak at the lace shirt we paired with jacket with, available at Lamania Boutique. Staying on the all-black train and playing with textures is ultra chic.

Look 2:

The jacket can be used as a blazer when left open. This can be very practical in colder weather, as you are able to layer. The hanging fabric on one side gives a beautiful feminine touch, along with the gathering of fabric on the back. With a chiffon fabric and a stretchy casual cotton stripe on the back, this jacket is capable of going casual with the right shirt underneath it.

Look 3:

When zipped all the way up, this jacket really emphasizes the detail of the waterfall-like flowing fabric. This is an easy look and keeps you covered, warm, and stylish. Wearing a shirt underneath is not necessary. 

CasaComo Jacket, Juicy Couture Pants, Shoes and Lace top from Lamania Boutique

This piece is simply artistic and such a gorgeous change to the typical zip-up we are used to. 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Absorb as much sun as you can... 
It's the last weekend of July!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

CasaComo Collection: 2 Dresses, 3 Styles

CasaComo has earned its own rack in Lamania Boutique due the amount of originality each piece has. Various black pieces from the collection are as versatile as can be and never fail to look sophisticated. 

The two dresses we styled show only a glimpse of the sheer talent its' designer has exemplified. 

This dress contains a bold, yet classic pattern, and the mix of fabrics add lots of interest to a simple form-fitting dress. We envision this look as upscale casual which can be worn two different ways! 

Dress 1, Look 1:
Dress by CasaComo, Shoes from Lamania Boutique

The gorgeous draping of chiffon in the back adds a sexy twist to the typical long-sleeve dress. Business in the front, party in the back, am I right?

You can get away with wearing this dress more than once a week. Just change the way you wear it... literally! Grab a black tank top and wear the dress "backwards" with the chiffon in the front. 

Dress 1, Look 2:

For a more formal event, this dress, also part of CasaComo's collection, similarly uses the draping technique to add more flair to a black dress. You won't be just another guest attending the party with this one!

Without adding patterns, embellishments, or colour, this dress, simply with the use of fabric, is elegant and beautiful. Anyone can look effortlessly stunning in this one!

Dresses aren't your thing? Don't you worry! Look out for our next post and we'll help you out!

Friday, July 18, 2014

#FAJOSocial 2014: The Summer Party

This past Wednesday, FAJO Magazine, one of Canada's leading online fashion magazine, hosted an evening filled with fashion, beauty, charity, and shopping! Located in Toronto's distillery district, FAJO hosted the event at the Arta Gallery, a gorgeous open-concept venue filled with beautiful paintings which embodied what the night was truly about... Art, fashion, and true talent. Canadian designers, stylists, PR experts, and CEOs, all gathered to admire and enjoy the luxurious vendors that displayed their beautiful jewelry, artwork, and both womenswear and menswear.

Lamania Boutique attended this event and decided to follow the cocktail attire dress code and dressed to impress!
Quinn's Outfit:

Outside the Arta Gallery!
We thought our outfits were cute, but wait until you see some of the fashionistas we bumped into!

Anna with Konstantina and her friend,  from! 
The fabulous winner for The Best-Dressed Award!

The event was filled with amazing music entertainment by Elena Musician and great anticipation for the fortune teller by Astro Coach. 

While mingling, grabbing a drink, or munching on the hors d'oeuvres, independent vendors offered eye-candy around the gallery with displays of gorgeous jewelry, clothing, art work, bags, and handmade pieces that left you speechless! 

Guests had the chance to win a $1,000 prize at the door raffle, as well as a $300 gift for the best-dressed guests! With a variety of prizes and a fabulous silent auction, each guest also received a summer-themed swag bag at the end of the night, filled with summer essentials valued at $180. No one left empty handed!

The Silent Auction
The goodie bags... and look at those paintings!

Karoo, one of the independent vendors, showcased their summer collection of pastels, protea flower-inspired cutout pieces, and different variations of dresses with unique patterns and details.

Karoo's display at the event... Too cute!
Jon De Porter Jewelry offered a proud collection of pearl jewelry, which also showcased recent designs made specifically for the World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto this past year.

Liana Marie was another talented jewelry designer from Oakville who showcased her unique collection!

To top it all off, Wild Works Designs Inc. allowed guests to try on their custom hats. Sharon Snitman, the designer, explained how each hat is customizable to suit everyone's style, making it personal and different. Each hat is a statement and can completely change any outfit!

Sharon Snitman, the designer (on the right) of Wild Works!
Anna skimming the racks of Wackerhaus.

It was an unforgettable night that offered great support and publicity to local Canadian designers in one beautifully organized evening, thanks to FAJO Magazine!

The Lamania team with Hannah Yakobi, the Editor-in-Chief of FAJO Magazine!
Look out for our next blog post, coming soon!
Have a fun and relaxing weekend.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Classy Day to Night Outfit

As busy women, we know that time is limited. Just the thought of putting an extra five minutes into an outfit may bring major anxiety. I promise you, there is a light at the end of that stack of paperwork sitting on your desk.

Making sure your outfit is foolproof and versatile is an absolute must. 
Lamania Boutique has put together an outfit to inspire all the busy women out there to look their best while not wasting a single minute. You can hit the streets of Toronto without having to change your whole outfit after work. Keep some accessories handy and you'll be good to go!

Have a look. 
Business Hours Look:

All clothing and accessories are from Lamania Boutique. Blouse by Michael Kors, Skirt and Shoes by English Designer 

With a wide variety of European designer clothing at Lamania Boutique, you can surely make your office outfit transform into a stylish night-out look. 

The patterned blouse strays away from being boring with the bold mix of blues and blacks, adding a unique twist to the typical chiffon button-up. To keep that summery vibe alive, the blouse was paired up with a gorgeous crochet skirt with flower detailing all over. The bottom of the skirt is designed in a way that allows the crochet to continue past the slip underneath to make the feminine detailing more noticeable. The length remains appropriate for both a day at the office and a night on the town. 

Throw on a necklace, unbutton the blouse (just a tad), add a belt, and some heels... Look at you! You haven't wasted more than two minutes and you're ready to conquer the night. 

After Hours Look:

Have a great week busy-bees! 
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