Friday, May 27, 2016

What's In: Long-sleeve Floral Dresses

Here's a common question for all of you ladies living in Toronto... Have you ever stared into your closet in confusion wondering what clothes would be appropriate for the never-ending changing weather? One day it's warm and sunny, then the next day it's -2 degrees and raining. Frustrating, right? Now that we're transitioning into warmer weather (hopefully!), it's the perfect time to bust out the dresses! 

But wait.. with Toronto's weather being so unpredictable, what type of dresses are most suitable? At this point, it may be a bit too chilly to wear strapless tops and dresses, but also too warm to wear sweaters. This is where long-sleeve dresses come in! They give the right amount of skin exposure suited for both warm and cool weather. But not just any long-sleeve dress will do for this season... get ready for floral prints to make yet, another comeback! Floral printed long-sleeve dresses are fun, flirty, and flatters any body type. 

And for all of you Toronto ladies out there, complete the outfit with a cardigan or jacket to stay in-sync with the weather! 

Stop by our store to check out our latest floral printed long-sleeve dresses! Various types of floral prints are available to suit anyone's individual style. 

- Austine Ortencio
Xoxo Lamania

Friday, May 20, 2016

Floral Dress For Any Occassion

It is finally that time of the year when you pull your favorite summer dress out of the closet or if still haven’t found your favorite dress yet, then come in to Lamania boutique and pick it up because it’s waiting for you. Those very feminine dresses with floral print will embellish your wardrobe. Floral print is classic, but it is also attention-getting, so you will not be left unnoticed.

This pretty dress is the best outfit for casual walks around the city with your friends or for a hot date at a nice restaurant. You can’t just go wrong with it, especially if you enhance the look with some accessories and shoes that will compliment it. Wear it with wedges, t-straps or sandal flats and pair with a nice clutch or purse.

Midi is the prefect size for anyone, it is not too short and not too long, which makes it appropriate for almost any occasion. The super lightweight and soft material will make you feel free and comfortable.

If you are all about being effortlessly stylish, then this dress is a must-have for you. 

Match it with:

Evgenya Grigoryeva
- Lamania Boutique

Friday, May 6, 2016

Summer Trend: Lightweight Linens

With Summer around the corner, beat the humidity and sweat with breathable and washable linens, now available at Lamania Boutique.

To go with our linen pants, we now have matching shirts, as well as dresses that come in 2 different colors: white and navy.

Why are these the perfect pieces for summer? Not only are the fibers of linen are absorbent, they are lightweight and highly valued for their coolness for extreme hot weather. Say goodbye to tight clothing that make you feel restricted, and say hello to these lightweight linen pieces that make you feel free.  

They're simple, fresh, comfy, trendy, and durable. The perfect combination just in time for Summer! 

Are you ready for Summer?

xoxo Lamania