Wednesday, February 17, 2016

La Tease 2016

On Tuesday, February 9th Lamania teamed up with Diva Girl Fashion, a fabulous community dedicated to making women feel empowered, fit, and stylish. La Tease is all about fashion and local businesses dedicated to women.
One, that caught our attention was Bee23, it started when the super cute, confident, and bubbly founder Michelle Hamer started getting migraines and realizing they were being caused by her favourite perfume. After educating herself on what is actually inside the products we use on a day-to-day basis, she got a little angry and a lot more inspired. She set out to find a moisturizer on the market without all the added chemical sludge, and, after this endeavour was proven unsuccessful, she took matters into her own hands. This is how Bee 23 and all of its products came to fruition- and from personal experience after buying some products from Michelle, our skin is all the much better for it. 

Michelle did miss a beat and seemed extremely knowledgeable about her products, as well as what goes into the products that we use daily, and the horrible effects that it can have on our faces. After talking to her and being totally fascinated and educated for about an hour, I bought a super delicious smelling soap bar from her for an amazing $5, and I love it! I now use it everyday, twice a day, and my skin has never felt so squeaky-clean. Needless to say I endorse the hell out of her brand. Also, watch out for Bee 23's hottest product: they're hotty balm moisturizer! It had already picked up a huge fan base in Toronto, with many ladies saying that it can even be used as a primer that is beneficial rather than damaging to your skin. Having your cake and eating it too never smelt or felt so fresh and clean.  

Here is the sneak peak from Lamania fashion show.

More about Diva Girl:

Lamania would like to thank Caryn Parchment (Diva Girl Fashion) for being such amazing host, and Jamie Espinoza (@captivecamera) for those great photographs. 

Tina Marcelli
-Lamania Boutique

Monday, February 8, 2016

Will You be Our Valentine ?

Hello pretties! 

As we begin another week let’s address the event that is on the one hand a love-infested, romantic dinner packed, cheesy-instagram-post plagued, sappy event, and on the other hand, a pad-thai mixed with ice cream (because don’t tell us how to live our lives, am I right?), a lot of wine, on the couch, watching Netflix type of evening. Let’s be honest, both sound fantastic, and to be even more frank: who cares. The Valentine’s Day concept is lovely when taken for what it is: a day that is meant to represent love in which one might give their significant other a little extra suga (a la couple more smooches in real life or a couple more heart emojis over text), or give their mom or sibling an extra hug. More importantly, it is a day wherein one has an excuse to wear pink and red in tandem. And I know all of your inner Mindy Lahiri’s are screaming at this opportunity. So without further ado, let us show you how you can get dressed with Lamania this V-Day, with or without a fella!

Cozy Cutie

Want to go out in your pajamas but still look cute? Ding-ding-ding. Enter this adorable pink dress made out of super soft material made to get you through your night looking classy and comfy. And it has POCKETS! Who doesn’t love pockets? Add a bejeweled neck collar to the ensemble for some extra pizzazz.

Classic Style

This classic-cut dress puts a spin on the LBD with its very in beige colour. The quilted leather shoulder patches add to it to give you a simple but effortless look. Ready in half an hour and still look hot? #winning.

Casual Affair

Fancy dinner or not, the Valentine’s Day spirit should be rocked all day. A pair of jeans and a plain black long-sleeved shirt works perfectly paired with Lamania’s red Voggano vest and statement collar necklace for showing your spirit during the day, or for a casual movie date at night!

Tina Marcelli
-Lamania Boutique