Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Mad about Midis

Gone are the days of the thigh constraining, hip suffocating miniskirt. It’s not that they aren’t cute, in theory. It’s just that not everybody has a Kate Moss/Pinterest/curve-less body. So, miniskirt, we’re taking a break. It’s not me, it’s you. Ta-ta for now. Now, to fill that void made by the absence of your beloved miniskirt, let us introduce the new trend that the fashion world, on runways and off, is going bonkers about: the midi skirt. These beautiful creations both cinch in your waist area, and give plenty of room for your legs to breathe so that you don’t look like a walking fish out of water. Practicality, ladies. What’s more, seeing as they cinch in the waist, midi skirts give any body the effect of an hourglass figure. To put it more simply: the midi skirt illusion= great looking ass, skinny looking legs. Like magic, I know. So without further ado, let us get to the aim of this post, which is to show you midi skirt looks from runways, and some of our own photos to show you how to style them in real life:

The Runway Inspiration: Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2016

The Real Life Look: Lamania Spring 2016, Look 1 

In this look, we paired our gorgeous floral midi skirt with a chunky black knit and nude sandal heels for an adorable (work or play!) spring day look. Light but pretty accessories such as our gold link bracelet, and intricate gold ring add a beautiful touch without interrupting or taking away from the skirt. Our black evening bag, that can be used as a clutch or a purse, adds a sleek touch and makes the perfect accessory to carry your necessities (phone, lipgloss, emergency cookie stash…).

The Real Life Look: Lamania Spring 2016, Look 2

In look two, we added a light-coloured sweater with a twist. The cream colour of the shirt makes the colours in the skirt more vibrant, while the simple detailing of the black lines ensures that the contrast between top and bottom isn’t too drastic. Since the top has a slight pattern in this look, we went even simpler with the jewellery by taking away bracelets and adding one cocktail ring. Also, since the top is cream coloured, we traded the black purse for a quilted baby-pink clutch to keep the colours flowing and avoid too harsh of a contrast.

The Real Life Look: Lamania Spring 2016, Look 3

Go from daytime cutie to nighttime va-va-voom vixen by adding a skin hugging black long-sleeved shirt. Throw a leather jacket over your shoulders to incorporate a badass touch, and also accentuate your waist, making it appear smaller.

 The Real Life Look: Lamania Spring 2016, Look 1

Here we paired our midi skirt with a plain white button up to channel a classy yet oh-so-effortless Audrey Hepburn style look. For arm candy, we used our colourblock evening clutch. The baby blue and grey of the clutch matches the colours in the skirt and flows perfectly with the look.

The Real Life Look: Lamania Spring 2016, Look 2

For the last look, we simply added a chunky grey knit over the white button up for a more preppy, colder-weather that will make your inner Blair Waldorf do a little happy dance.

Now that you’ve seen the enchanting possibilities of a midi skirt, I can just feel your inner fashion blogger turning the gears of your mind with anticipation of potential midi skirt clad Instagram posts; enter super cliché caption: “live life colourfully'', just make sure you have one of these skirts in your life.

Tina Marcelli
-Lamania Boutique