Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fashion Night Part 3

On behalf of Lamania Boutique, we would like to thank all the ladies who came out to our fashion night. To all of those who brought in pieces and participated in the event, we hope you were able to rock those new styles and feel confident doing so. We had a blast helping you style and put together new outfits with the clothing from your very own closets. For our third and final part to the fashion night series, we helped two more lovely ladies spice up some pieces that they were having trouble finding a use for.

Miss Mayra brought in an edgy black and white checkered jacket with royal blue accents, but because of the heavy pattern, she had no idea what to wear it with to give it the attention it deserves. Our expert panel showed her that keeping the rest of the outfit simple with black basics will really make the piece pop.

They also suggested bringing it all together with a black belt on the waist, as it allows the piece to compliment your figure without going overboard on the accents. Mayra got even funkier when she paired the outfit with an adorable bowler style hat in a matching royal blue.

Miss Carrie brought in another lovely piece, a royal blue sequinned scarf, that she received as a Christmas gift and had trouble pairing with the right outfit. Our expert panel showed her how to pair the bold colour with something softer and more basic to let it pop. They also taught her different ways to tie it depending on the look she is going for.

Once the ladies were done taking notes from Anna and the girls of Lamania, it was off to the change rooms to have more fun with their pieces, pairing them with all the beautiful clothing and accents that Lamania Boutique has to offer. The fashion night was a big success, and it's all thanks to our lovely guests and our amazing panel of expert stylists here at the Boutique.

Thank you again to all who came out and enjoyed the event!

- Meghan Wels
Lamania Boutique

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall-tastic Vests

Hello Ladies! It's time for Lamania's Fall Collection. It has all the components of fashion that we all love. It's comfortable, chic, versatile, and timeless.

The Fall vest is a classic piece that is made of knit so you can be sure you will be keeping warm enough, but also free to feel cool with the sleeveless arms. It is so easy to layer with days when the weather can't make up its mind. Throw the vest over a leather jacket for cooler days or throw it over a striped t-shirt for warmer days. You cannot go wrong with the vest because it adds a sophisticated element to your outfit. The ribbed detailing adds dimension to the neutral-coloured vest as it carries a draping-waterfall effect on the collar. The vest works well for every woman out there, whether you are full-figured or have a petite frame. It molds to your shape as the drapes hang over the body as opposed to clinging to it.

The best part of the vest is that you can make it what you want it to be by either dressing it up or down. Dressing it down would consist of jeans, booties, and a simple tee. And of course, dressing it up would mean using accessories just like Lamania did with layered necklaces and a statement belt to accentuate the waistline. Lamania Boutique is obsessed with the vest so much so we have it available in grey and brown. 

So how else can you play around with the vest? We have some ideas!

For more inspiration and style advice on how to work the fabulous vest, come down to Lamania Boutique to buy your vest and we'll help you out!

- Melanie How

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Will You Help Too?

It's the season to give back! October is Charity Month and that means we are especially called upon to think of others that are less fortunate and to actually do something about it. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and now is the right time to take 10 minutes out of your day to find new or gently used clothes that has been sitting in your closet for ages. We've made it easy! All you have to do is stop by at Lamania Boutique, donate clothes, and know you are making a big difference. Whether it be one sweater or three pairs of shoes, anything is everything. After all, didn't they say 'your trash is someone else's treasure'?

Over nine million Canadians are living with diabetes or prediabetes. Chances are, diabetes affects you or someone you know. Lamania Boutique recognizes that Diabetes is a cause for concern and to create awareness within our community, we are hosting a Clothesline Dropbox. As a drop box host, we feel good about our role in improving the lives of Canadians living with diabetes or prediabetes, as well as the environment. In partnering with the Canadian Diabetes Association, we are providing a convenient and well-administered recycling program for our community, in which we are a proud advocate of protecting the environment. 

We all have busy schedules and hectic deadlines, but join us in taking the time to give back to an association that leads the Diabetes fight to finding a cure. Together we can help raise funds for research, education, service and advocacy to promote the health of your mother, your friend, your neighbour, and even you. 

For more information on the types of diabetes and its history, risk factors, signs and symptoms, and treatments and medications, go to

Lamania is always happy to help with important issues in promoting and creating awareness with other organizations. Contact us at 647.248.7788 or email us at

- Melanie How

Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is only days away and we know you are hard at work at home and in the kitchen preparing the best meal you can and decorating your house with warm hues and Fall decor. This family holiday can be stressful because there are so many preparations to be made and so much planning to be had involving family invitations, catering and cooking, and of course, what to wear! 

But don't worry about it! Lamania Boutique is here to help you out and make the decision of what to wear a no-brainer. We all know holidays can be tricky and yet exciting to dress for because you want to be festive for the occasion, but you want to remain comfortable. Thanksgiving is especially tricky though because it's a holiday all about spending quality time with family and friends. And you know what that means! Lot's of food!

Lamania Boutique has picked out a few easy dresses that fit the Fall feel and are so comfortable you can seriously eat as much as you'd like and not feel self-conscious about it. These dresses are part of our new Fall Collection straight from Italy and are practically designed for events like Thanksgiving Dinner because they are classic, timeless pieces.

What can be more reliable than a little black dress? Except with a flare! This dress is classy and you can be sure to turn heads in it while you host your Thanksgiving party. The three-quarter sleeve hits the arm at a spot that exudes sexiness. But the skirt of the dress is what gives this piece character and the hounds-tooth print makes it fun. The skater cut is perfect because you'll be free to move around in and not feel constricted when you eat. The black belt ties the dress together and gives a sophisticated accent as it ties around the waist to help give the illusion of a smaller waist. You will feel confident and comfortable at the same time. What more could you want in a dress?

In a nutshell, this dress is simple. It is a shift dress which means it just hangs off your shoulders and is more of a loose fit. The black faux leather quilt detail on the shoulders adds edge to that perfect shade of brown. This dress is generous in that it has your back in making sure you are comfortable while still looking tailored. The lined stitching running parallel down the dress will help to give your body the illusion of curves. It is the perfect dress to throw on and feel great in. Pair this with bracelets and some black pumps, and you are good to go.

If you aren't all that into dresses or simply just don't feel like wearing one at Thanksgiving, another alternative is the tunic. The tunic is much like a dress with the exception that it is shorter in length. This black and white beauty hits above the knee so you can pair this with black leggings or leather leggings. The black paneling on either sides elongates your torso and the black at the waist shows off your curves. Add a statement necklace, pair the outfit with heels knee-high boots and you will look like a million dollars! With these three outfit ideas, you can't go wrong this Thanksgiving. 

Lamania Boutique wishes you, your family, and your loved ones a happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful long weekend.

- Melanie How

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fashion Night Part 2

Here at Lamania Boutique, we know that when it comes to a girl's closet, it can be hard to find the right pieces to put an outfit together. To help relieve some fashion stress, we held a fashion "how to" party at the boutique, allowing ladies to bring in pieces from their own closets that they weren't sure how to wear. Here are some more looks that our expert panel put together to help these ladies out.

The lovely Aviva brought in a gorgeous metallic jacket that came all the way from her parents in New York. Of course, a jacket from the Big Apple needs to look the part, so our experts paired it with a beautiful black and white chevron patterned dress that complimented the jacket perfectly.

Next we had the gorgeous Nila who brought in a scarf that was made by an Italian designer. Her aunt gave her the scarf after a trip she took to Italy and the piece is very sentimental to Nila, but she just could not figure out how to style it.

Our experts showed Nila that tying the scarf up with a broach can give it a vintage look and really dress up any of her basics.

If you enjoyed what we did with these looks then keep reading, because there are more to come!

- Meghan Wels
Lamania Boutique 

Monday, October 6, 2014

It's a Sweater Weather...

What's comfortable and chic and perfect for the cooler weather? A peplum sweater! 

It is definitely a Fall staple and a must-have to any fashionista's closet. We can all agree that sweaters are necessary in Fall in order to stay warm and feel cozy. Unfortunately, they don't have the best reputation for being all that flattering and so ladies tend to steer away from frumpy sweaters. But the good news is that sweaters are in! They are currently trending and are going full steam ahead. Not only are sweaters trendy, but so is the peplum. The peplum, as it has been used with blouses, tees, and tanks, and now sweaters, is flattering and perfect for extenuating your curves. 

The peplum sweater is sure to be your go-to piece for every occasion, whether it be with out with your girlfriends while you paint the town red or to an important business meeting where you can be confident you are making a good impression. 

Of course, there is no denying that this sweater gives you the best of both worlds. Business at the front and party at the back. The cut-out peekaboo details gives a hint of sexy without giving too much away. The black bows add interest and appeal to the typical sweater, which adds flare and style to a basic Fall essential. How cute are they!?

The peplum sweater is versatile and an easy-to-use transition piece that you can also carry over to the Winter season. You can add accessories to the peplum sweater and make it into your own by adding your personal touch to make it more like your individual style. For warmer days, Lamania paired it with hounds-tooth printed shorts and finished it off with a wool hat and a gold statement belt. You can easily go casual and wear it over a pair of jeans and you will look like you didn't try hard to look cute and stylish. Have fun with this piece! You can top it off with an infinity scarf, knee-high boots, or even accessorize it with fabulous arm candy.

Lamania Boutique has the perfect lightweight peplum sweater for you to wear during Fall! What makes this sweater even better is that it has a high/low cut making it all the more stylish AND it takes a basic sweater from drab to fab with gold shimmer woven in the sweater. From the clothing racks of Italy, Lamania has four different colours; black, brown, tan, and grey, to suit your preference. 

Come down to Lamania to pick out your new favourite sweater in your favourite colour!

- Melanie How

Friday, October 3, 2014

Fashion Night Part 1

When it comes to business, people tend to forget that one major key to success is looking the part. Even the smartest and most sophisticated of ladies can struggle to find the perfect way to style and accessorize what is in their closet. With this in mind, we threw an elegant soirĂ©e at the boutique, allowing ladies to bring in pieces from their closets that they LOVE, but just don’t quite know what to do with. With a little help from our expert panel at Lamania Boutique, our gorgeous guests were able to get some tips and tricks on how to put together a chic and sophisticated look from their very own closets.

The fabulous Carrie, began the evening with a cropped red jacket she received from a commercial shoot.

By popping up the collar and adding a bold necklace to accessorize, the jacket went from “cute and simple” to “modern and edgy.”

The beautiful Sandie brought in a scarf that she had trouble pairing with the right outfit. She loves the funky piece, but says she doesn't like having it tied up around her neck. Lamania Boutiques’ expert panel of stylists showed Sandie and the ladies that when it comes to scarves, it’s all in the way you tie it! From a funky braid to an infinity style, scarves can be worn many different ways to compliment your outfit, and sit comfortably on your shoulders. 

When tied loosely around the neck and paired with a bold, chunky necklace, Sandie's scarf became a beautiful compliment to a basic off white sweater.

The ladies were pleased with their new looks, and there are more to come! 

- Meghan Wels
Lamania Boutique

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Fashion Show

It's always hard to say 'bye' to Summer, but real fashionistas know how much potential is in the Fall. To celebrate the most fashionable season of the year, Lamania Boutique hosted an event with fashion, beauty and food...

Professional stylist Matilda Ma, owner of was styling our models and presented many helpful tips to all guests, and all those wonderful moments were caught by photographer- Natasha Reddy.

Make up session with 10 minutes makeover was prepared by professional make up artist Karen Gill. All ladies looked stunning from head to toe!

The event wouldn't be complete without the food... this delicious treats were prepared by our cupcake specialist Gail and personal chef Cassia Mendes. Thank you ladies! It was a fashionable and yummy event!

Thank you ladies for joining us. That was a great night!

- Lamania