Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How to Turn Catwalk Trends into an Affordable and Stylish Wardrobe Part 1

Toronto’s fashion industry is becoming as diverse as the population. The more boutiques and second hand stores you can walk into the more unique your wardrobe will be. There’s following trends and then there is wearing the same thing as everyone else. 
Be original and take some risks. When you see something that grabs your attention, grab it. Surely, there’s a way to wear it. The greatest thing about the boutiques and second hand stores are the limited stock and affordable prices. So follow your favourite boutiques on social media and get their latest updates.

Here are some effortless Fall trends to look out for when you’re out hunting next.

50 Shades of Layered Loungewear

Think knits and wool/cashmere blended textiles. The trend is monochromatic and perfect for the minimalist. It honestly requires minimal effort. Shades of grey, neutrals and believe it or not, pastels and whites. These outfits make running errands totally worth getting out of bed on weekends for. Add your layers of a various combination of lengths and lighter tints as the winter approaches. No snow out there yet? Feel free to wear socks and sandals. That rule in fashion died years ago. Match the color of your socks to the color scale of your look to ease yourself into the whole idea.

                       AKRIS A/W15                                                Lamania Boutique

The Robe Coat Evolves

Now, I've made one of these for myself last winter. It was an incredible investment. Solid colours, wide lapels, wool/cashmere, knee length, deep pockets, and a belt to tie it all together. Every designer has added this staple to their A/W collection.  Bulky yes, but you will be the last person complaining about the fluctuating Canadian weather.

Now let’s talk about the affordable way of achieving this look. I announce this seasons sleeveless version. It’s ideal for the fall to winter transition, perfecting your layered looks.


 Masha Ma A/W15

                                                           Lamania Boutique

Try a cropped waist length jacket version of this robe inspired trend. This is a plus for us! Less fabric means less of a beating to our wallets. Pair it with a lengthy pencil skirt or a knit dress, leggings or super sexy knee high boots. Add a unique belt, if you wish to close the jacket, and you’ve got your runway trend mastered.

          Masha Ma A/W15                                                  Lamania Boutique

Enjoy Fall trends for less!

 Eleni Kapetaneas