Friday, July 25, 2014

CasaComo Collection: From a Shirt to a Blazer

We are reaching out to all the non-dress girls today.

Thanks to CasaComo's designs, you can take a gorgeous and quite dramatic shirt and change it with one zip.

Using fabric like a pro, this zip-up jacket, part of the CasaComo collection, looks elegant for any occasion. Lamania Boutique styled this piece in three different ways to show just how easy this piece is to wear. 

No matter what mood you are in, this is a flawless option for the upcoming month (yes, Fall!). Grab a pair of leather pants, leggings, or dark-washed jeans and rock this zip-up however you like!

Look 1:

This half zipped look gives a peak at the lace shirt we paired with jacket with, available at Lamania Boutique. Staying on the all-black train and playing with textures is ultra chic.

Look 2:

The jacket can be used as a blazer when left open. This can be very practical in colder weather, as you are able to layer. The hanging fabric on one side gives a beautiful feminine touch, along with the gathering of fabric on the back. With a chiffon fabric and a stretchy casual cotton stripe on the back, this jacket is capable of going casual with the right shirt underneath it.

Look 3:

When zipped all the way up, this jacket really emphasizes the detail of the waterfall-like flowing fabric. This is an easy look and keeps you covered, warm, and stylish. Wearing a shirt underneath is not necessary. 

CasaComo Jacket, Juicy Couture Pants, Shoes and Lace top from Lamania Boutique

This piece is simply artistic and such a gorgeous change to the typical zip-up we are used to. 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Absorb as much sun as you can... 
It's the last weekend of July!

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