Wednesday, July 23, 2014

CasaComo Collection: 2 Dresses, 3 Styles

CasaComo has earned its own rack in Lamania Boutique due the amount of originality each piece has. Various black pieces from the collection are as versatile as can be and never fail to look sophisticated. 

The two dresses we styled show only a glimpse of the sheer talent its' designer has exemplified. 

This dress contains a bold, yet classic pattern, and the mix of fabrics add lots of interest to a simple form-fitting dress. We envision this look as upscale casual which can be worn two different ways! 

Dress 1, Look 1:
Dress by CasaComo, Shoes from Lamania Boutique

The gorgeous draping of chiffon in the back adds a sexy twist to the typical long-sleeve dress. Business in the front, party in the back, am I right?

You can get away with wearing this dress more than once a week. Just change the way you wear it... literally! Grab a black tank top and wear the dress "backwards" with the chiffon in the front. 

Dress 1, Look 2:

For a more formal event, this dress, also part of CasaComo's collection, similarly uses the draping technique to add more flair to a black dress. You won't be just another guest attending the party with this one!

Without adding patterns, embellishments, or colour, this dress, simply with the use of fabric, is elegant and beautiful. Anyone can look effortlessly stunning in this one!

Dresses aren't your thing? Don't you worry! Look out for our next post and we'll help you out!

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